This is a prototyping project I’ve worked on during the 4th semester. In project groups cooperating with LaVita, we have worked on the development of a bottle of nutrient supplement concentrate.

The aim of this project was to develop a modern and practical design approach and optimize the bottle for everyday use. In addition, the bottle should be connected to an ordering system (Internet of Things) to make the reordering process easier.

After creating several different designs, we built our prototype from a plastic bottle and a lot of tape. Then we put in the button to order and connected the bottle with the Internet using Amazon Dash Buttons and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

The bottle notices how many servings have already been consumed. A small light on the lid indicates that there are only a few daily servings left (red light). Depending on the settings in the customer’s account, an order can easily be placed by pressing the integrated button on the bottle. The button is placed behind the pump dispenser to avoid pressing the button by mistake.

This allows the customer to continuously consume the product comfortably and without interrupting the recommended daily intake of the nutrient supplement concentrate.